What do we Grade?

We do grade

  • Sealed games, as long as they show the original seal they were distributed with. In the case of a game sealed with wrapping plastic, it could not be graded, we have to carefully check the item under those circumstances. This is to avoid any possibility of fraud that might happen related to these games.
  • C.I.B. Games
  • Cartridges or CDs
  • Manual or box separately

We do not grade

    • Games with a broken seal, in this case it is possible to take out the seal and grade its condition without a seal. By a broken seal we mean considerable damage to it, in case of doubt get in touch with us.
    • Merchandising or other video-game related products that are not video-games
    • Broken or flawed products that seriously affect its integrity, such as: a manual that’s missing a page or a box without a closing flap.

Special atention to

Games with a seal that isn’t original to the brand, such as the plastic seals of some GB or NES games.

These cases will be studied on a case by case basis, there must be evidence that the game really is new and the seal actually corresponds to its time despite not being brand original, or is otherwise the seal done by a distributor due to a lack of brand original seals.

If you have any doubts regarding the acceptance of your game, contact us.


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