At GCGA we consider that security and transparency during the grading process are essential requirements, so we will always maintain direct and efficient contact with the client, along with applying the following security methods in order to avoid possible fraud or forgery.

  • Sealed jewel-box that cannot be opened except by breaking it
  • Holographic sticker in the upper right corner of graded games
  • Reference code readable in the grading sticker, this reference number will be shown on our website and can be searched publicly
  • Customized Grading Card that will be handed to the client with a signature of the agent in charge of grading and the GCGA stamp

The information publicly available on our website will only be related to the game, at no time will we publish personal information of our clients, nor will their privacy be compromised.

In case of a change in ownership of a game graded by GCGA, we recommend getting in touch with us in order to carry out the change officially, otherwise the game will still be registered within our archives to the name of the client who ordered the grading.


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