Purchasing Process

First, you must download the following form, fill it in and send it to us via email info@gamecga.com. Once it has been checked, we will send you a budget and the address to send the games.

Please package your games adequately, investing time and proper materials into the packaging is a very important step in order to avoid any damage during the shipping, we are not responsible for damage the game could receive during shipping to our facilities.

Once we have received the games in our facilities, the box will be opened on the same day the grading will be done, and it will then be packaged in a new box and will be secured for shipping, and sent back to the address indicated by the client.

The games will not be graded until the full payment shown in the budget has been received, we recommend making the payment the same day they are sent to us, in order to avoid possible delays.

Our grading process will not take more than 15 working days, barring exceptional events such as Christmas season,  the need to produce a special size protective box, or any personal contingency that may happen to a member of our team. In case an event like those mentioned affects your order, you will be informed immediately.

The method of payment is via bank transfer, the account number will be given in the email in response to the application form.


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