The price of the service is directly related to the cost of the materials required to perform the task and the time and knowledge required to adequately carry out the process. To determine the price we must also consider the market value of the article, seeing as the risk of manipulating a $50 game is not the same as $2000 one.

The prices shown here are for standard sized games of all platforms, if you would like a budget for consoles, larger editions, or editions of varying sizes, please contact us.

PVP 0-1000$ Sealed, Loose, Manual or Box individually  79$
C.I.B. or boxed 89$
PVP 1000-2000$ Sealed, Loose, Manual or Box individually  89$
C.I.B. or boxed 99$
PVP 2000$ < Sealed, Loose, Manual or Box individually  119$
C.I.B. or boxed 129$

In order to determine the RRP (Retail Price) of the games, we will use the knowledge of the GCGA team, the informational website “Price Charting”, and information obtained from previously sold products in the online market. We will take into account the price of products that have actually been sold, since the video-game collection market is sometimes prone to having prices that are unrealistic in relation to the market. All the necessary factors will be taken into account to determine said price, such as rarity, region, state, etc.

If you have any doubts regarding the cost of grading your games, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will gladly offer you a personalized final budget before you send your games to us.

The shipping price will depend on the area where the games must be returned to, it will be specified in the budget and will include transportation, safe transportation materials, and handling and packaging.


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